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"Every man lives like a leaf in the autumn wind whispers of love. "

" ... as my imagination sprouting up there dreams. "

DISCOVERING POETRY in the narrative rhymes

This blog will appeal to all passionate people of art and literature, proposing cultural events, exhibitions and museums located throughout Italy, accompanying the narration with new poems and poetic phrases.

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The Poetry
is the art of describing the moods words

Joy, love, surprise, sadness, hatred are just some of the infinite nuances of human character. Poetry has the task to investigate them and describe them. So in this blog numerous compositions tend to represent these sides of the person and also to emphasize the most common aspects with particular emphasis on joy and love newspapers. It seems trivial, but every morning he makes a choice that can affect your whole life: live with live poetry or angry with the world ... At sunrise, the birds chirping, the sbocciar of spring flowers always comes back ... It is for each us the choice of how to spend their time. What is proposed here is also the purpose of poetry:

through the winter of the heart.

The poem Narrative Rhymes is an art and as such seeks beauty and love through direct and sincere words. He wants to tell some interesting events or expose new ideas and is produced by the act of composing practical.

The poem is an embryo of life,
growing the words " I love you. "

It is created in the inspiration, in a state of deep emotion, soaking the atmosphere around the author and is charged with a broader meaning. It may well define such enrichment with an example: the tea taken with friends is better than that taken alone. The poem, in fact, is formed to a large extent on the context and is more similar to the description of that altered reality in the perceptions to an imaginary representation. This is what happens when you fall in love: you see and describe clear sky (even if it rains.)

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The blogspot RIME NARRATIVE is also on social. On Twitter there @RimeNarrative, an updated profile and renovated by the images and the most poetic phrases. Google+ and Facebook, there are pages and extracts of the poems. To share the poems you can use social links on all pages of Rime Narrative blogspot like those below:

This blog was created in 2012 with the first works and phrases romantic inspired by classical poetry. Later in the 2013 pointed towards a creative line with the testing of the open source project that is of poems by multiple authors. In 2014 he published My metaphors , a study of the figures of speech with new definitions and ad hoc examples. In the same year, to coincide with the Milanese works for the Universal Exhibition of 2015, led EXPO project concerning the representation of the most famous Italian dishes. In 2015 focused attention on those increasingly popular crafts as the grinder or the cobbler. It was also facing classical and contemporary art with the spread of cultural events of all sorts, but always presented in a poetic. In 2016 he held particularly to highlight developments on environmental protection.

Style of Narrative Rhymes

Verses of poems of Narrative Rhymes are mostly rhymed and follow the most various metrics. Sometimes they have classical patterns, constant and rhythmic with rhyming, alternating, crossed, chained, sometimes have a free, modern. The scheme selection , figures of speech and of the type of poem (sonnet, madrigal, poem, etc.) depends on the purpose of the poem. If the verses you want to tell a common theme directly you may well choose a free scheme and play on creativity. If the theme is solemn you can opt for a classic. The principle is the same as the common parlance: in some situations you choose formal words, in other endeavor direct and colloquial words (for example, when speaking with a friend). Content of poetry must be innovative and understandable. The goal is to communicate, so you have to " get " to a more or less permanent rarely employing complicated words the public, and then only when absolutely required by the poetic purpose. It can also dial with simple words.

The author Umberto F. M. Cefalà

Umberto F. M. Cefalà has decades of experience in the poetic field, but only recently decided to use social networks to spread this art. Created the blog Rime Narrative, opened profiles on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and even on a strictly literary sites just to show the representation of his idea of contemporary poetry. It is unnecessary any assessment on its jurisdiction and for this, please refer to other information relating to his career on the page " BIOGRAPHY " with links in the navigation menu.

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